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Acrylic Nails: The Ultimate ASMR Salon Game with MOD Unlimited Money

Welcome to ASMR acrylic nail salon in the Acrylic Nails simulation game. In this amazing game, you will become a manicurist helping different girls beautify hands. Join the game, you will design and paint nails according to the requirements of customers. Acrylic Nails are a popular manicure that uses a powder and liquid to form a hard plastic. It attaches directly to the nail and dries quickly to form artificial nails.

Just like gels, dipping powders, or any other nail enhancement product, acrylic always requires the nail technician dexterity, sophistication, and precision from blending to applying to nails. So, you need to know some essential tips when working with them to help your design become more perfect.

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The gameplay of Acrylic Nails is very simple. You just need to touch the screen with your finger, time and release your hand at the right time. During the game, you will unlock many nail designs, such as pointed nails, square nails, round nails, and many acrylic powder colors. They bring your manicure experience to the next day even better.

Honestly, any girl wants to be a beautiful person. To begin with, all the girls strive to keep a healthy weight and figure for their own sake. The next step is to choose the clothes. If they wanted to, women would spend money on expensive fashion clothes. Some people believe human angles can even be seen in teeth or hair. Therefore, there is a large number of female customers who go to hair salons to get their hair done. Women, in general, are constantly pursuing beauty. Nail technicians should pay attention to this. Nails are a feminine symbol of strength and dignity that take up little physical space on the body. Acrylic Nails! will teach you the skills you need to make your nails look great.

When you start playing, the game will show you a small tutorial so you can easily grasp how to play. The gameplay of Acrylic Nails is quite simple. Mainly relying on the tools and equipment available to design beautiful nails. On the first day, you will receive 2 guests. Each guest will give 2 requests for their nails. Your job is to fulfill those requests to receive the bonus. After each completed mission you will get the customer satisfaction level through the hearts index. The more hearts you get, the more money you get.

Get ready for the ultimate nail salon experience at ASMR Acrylic Nails! Indulge in the perfect makeover for your long nails as you explore the world of nail art and design. Design and paint acrylic nails. Our manicure salon, known as the top ASMR girls nail salon, offers the most satisfying gameplay. With beautiful designs, impeccable paints, and various lengths, you'll have endless possibilities to create stunning acrylic nails. Immerse yourself in the relaxing ASMR sounds as you enjoy a day at our nail woman salon makeover. Choose from a wide range of nail polish and unleash your creativity with nail tech. ASMR enthusiasts and nail tech lovers alike will find this the most satisfying game ever. Join the hype and discover why ASMR combined with a girls nail salon creates the ultimate addictive experience. Don't wait any longer - DIY long nails and give them the care they deserve in this manicure salon! Step into our world of gel nails, nail art, nail tech and endless nail salon fun.Features:> Complete various nail art challenges and missions> Unlock and collect a wide range of nail art designs> Customize and decorate your own long nails> Experiment with different nail shapes and lengths> Interact with virtual customers and fulfill their nail art requests> Upgrade your nail tech skills to unlock advanced techniques> Discover new trends and stay up-to-date with the latest nail art styles> Share your nail art creations with your friends> Enjoy a relaxing and immersive ASMR experience while creating stunning nail designsTo opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:

Acrylic nails offer a salon for acrylic nails. You can paint and design acrylic nails in this salon. This implies that you can use different color combinations to match your outfit. There are also so many designs for you to use in this app.

As mentioned above, there are different paints and designs to use in beautifying your nails. You can also try different course lengths on your acrylic nail. There are so many things to try in this game, and you can only find out more by installing it.


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